​​Sellebration Farm

Naturally Fed Chickens

Grass Fed Beef

We use poultry feeds that are made with only natural grains and proteins. These grains are balanced with vitamins and minerals to encourage optimum growth and performance. Formulated without any antibiotics, animal proteins or fats.

Giving our chickens good feed, room to grow, fresh water and feed twice a day, helps our chicken grow healthy and strong.

Pricing and Process
​We currently have  meat chickens  that will be ready to be processed mid September.  Chickens are . $15 per bird. (average weight is about 8 pounds) and includes professional processing and wrapping by Twin City Pack.
​We will take care of transportation of the animal to and from  the processor. We will have a general pickup date at our farm.  Payment is due at the time of pickup.

Here at Sellebration Farm we raise our beef right here on our own farm pasture land.  We use intensive pasture rotation to help maintain good pasture growth for the cattle to graze on.

We do not use any growth hormones on our cattle and allow them to grow at a nature rate.

Pricing and Process

​We currently have  cattle that will be ready to be processed this November.  We ​are offering the beef as a ​ ​whole or half option.  You are welcome to divide it further on your own.

Price is $2.​25​  per pound, live weight  (weight will be about 1000lbs). 
​A $100 deposit per half side of beef is required.  ​
​We will take care of transportation of the animal to the processor.  You, the buyer, will need to pay processing costs and communicate with the processor regarding how you want your beef processed. ​ You will need to pick up your beef from the processor, unless other arrangements have been made. ​

We plan to use Country Pride Meats in Wisconsin or Eikman's in Seward​, IL​
.We anticipate total processing cost per animal to be about $400 for whole beef.